Apple Announces iTunes Music Store Debut and New iPods (2003)

Buying music for your iPod just got a lot easier.

The rumors were true! Today Apple announced an online version of iTunes, called the iTunes Music Store as well as some new iPod models. Read on to learn more about the iTunes Music Store debut.

Apple’s iTunes Music Store Debut

Although we’re happy to see some new and improved iPods with more storage (up to 30GB), the iTunes Music Store is really the most exciting part of today’s announcement. iPod owners no longer have to waste their time downloading crap from Napster or proprietary audio formats from companies like Sony that need to be converted to mp3.

iTunes Music Store Debut (2003)

The iTunes Music Store is initially launching with 200,000 tracks from the big 5 record companies (BMG, EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal and Warner). Every song in the iTunes Music Store will have a 30 second, full quality preview, and can be purchased for $0.99 cents each. They’re stored in AAC format but users will be able to burn unlimited CD’s for personal use and will be able to copy to an unlimited number of iPods, and to 3 different Macintosh computers.

iTunes Music Store Is US Only… For Now

However, we have a bit of bad news for our international readers. Due to the licensing restrictions from the record companies, the iTunes Music Store is only available in the US… for now.

Will The iTunes Music Store Be A Success?

What do you think? Are you excited for the iTunes Music Store debut? Will Apple succeed with an online store where others have failed?

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