The Grape Fall – The Backstory Behind The Infamous Viral Video

Grape Fall Lady

Have you seen The Grape Fall video yet? It’s an unfortunate moment that just happened to get caught on camera. In the clip, a woman tries to cheat at a grape stomping contest and falls while on live TV. The obvious lesson here is cheaters never win. Here’s the backstory behind the infamous viral video called The Grape Fall.

The Grape Fall – The Backstory Of What Happened

MyFox 5 News Reporter Melissa Sander was at the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort doing a live report on a grape-stomping competition. During a demonstration round of grape stomping, Ms. Sander attempts to cheat by falsely telling her competitor to stop stomping. Ms. Sander then begins stomping faster. However, her faster stomping causes her to lose her balance and she falls off a raised platform on to the ground below.

Her Microphone Was Still On

The Grape Fall Lady

A fall on live TV is bad enough, but the audio of this incident is probably what made it so popular online. Ms. Sander is obviously hurt from the fall. The wind was also knocked out of her. Sander’s microphone was still on and captured the sounds of her groans on live TV: “OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! STOP! STOP! I can’t breathe.”

It turns out that Ms. Sander suffered fractured bones from the fall and had to spend a few weeks under hospital care. The obvious lesson here is cheaters never win.

Fake TV Personalities Lack Real Empathy

Meanwhile, her on-air studio colleagues at WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, are so fake, they don’t even know how to show genuine concern. The most they can muster from their empty soul is the phrase, “Oh no. Oh dear. I think she’s actually hurt.” Duh, you think?

The Grape Fall Goes Viral

Thanks to social media, the video went viral under a variety of names including Grape Lady, Grape Falling Lady, Grape Fall Reporter, Grape Lady Epic Fall, Grapefall or The Grape Fall. The video was posted on a variety of video sharing sites including Revver, but after surfacing on YouTube in January 2006, it became an instant internet meme. There are even several remix versions.

Where Is The Grape Fall Reporter Today?

Where is she now? According to Cracked, Ms. Sanders moved to Albany and briefly continued her TV career. However, she’s since dropped off the grid. Do you know what happened to her? Please leave a comment below.

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