HP iPod and Updated iMac Launch Help Drive Apple Stock Price Higher (2004)

Apple stock jumps ahead of HP iPod and iMac launch

HP iPod

Shares of Apple stock on Thursday rose to their highest level in nearly four years. News around both the HP iPod, Hewlett-Packard’s version of the iPod digital music player, and a revamped iMac computer was enough to get Wall Street excited.

HP iPod and iMac Launch Help Drive Apple Stock Price Higher

HP iPod

“Tomorrow you’ve got HP doing their consumer electronics launch and the HP iPod launch, and next week there’s the introduction of the new iMac,” said Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research.

Apple Stock Price Increase

Shares of Apple rose $1.73, or 5.2 percent, to $34.78 on the NASDAQ, where they were among the most active issues. So far this year, Apple stock has climbed 63%.

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