OurTunes – Hack iTunes And Make It Function Like Napster (2004)


Want free songs? Forget Napster, just use iTunes to share music. A clever Stanford University programmer released a new application called “OurTunes” that allows music to be swapped via Apple Computer’s iTunes program.

How OurTunes Works

Student David Blackman‘s “OurTunes” enables a person to browse complete iTunes libraries on other computers and download songs, either in MP3 or the AAC format. Thus, any person on the same network as you, using iTunes, can allow their library to be shared.

OurTunes vs Napster

Unlike Napster, OurTunes’ cross-platform Java-based file sharing functionality doesn’t work over the Internet, just your local network, or LAN. College campuses, with thousands of people on the same network, make perfect situations for OurTunes users. However, songs purchased from the iTunes Store with Apple’s copy protection technology cannot be traded using OurTunes unless you disable the DRM first.


Will OurTunes Survive?

What do you think? How fast will the software engineers at Apple shut this down? Please share a comment below.

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