iPod Battery Indicater Icon

iPod Battery Indicater Icon 1Your iPod is in the dock and says “Charged.” You take it out, only to realize that the batter indicator is just 3/4 full! If this has happened to you, you know the pure fear, the terror, of your baby (iPod) malfuntion.

This happened to me and I couldn’t figure what was going on. The Apple support page was loading at a pace slower than a turtle. Apple’s advice is to let the hard drive spin and the battery will probably jump. After the failed attempt, I put my 3rd generation iPod back in the dock and turned it off. To my amazement, the screen said “Charging.” After about 45 minutes the screen said Charged. I pulled my ‘Pod out of the dock, and behold, full battery! (My iPod was under warranty, I bought it a month ago.)