Apple Unveils New iMac G5 That Looks Like an iPod

Apple iMac G5

Today at the Apple Expo in Paris, Apple introduced its new G5-based iMac with a new form factor that resembles the iPod. In fact, it was designed by the same team that created the iPod.

This speaks volumes about the importance of adaptability in innovation. Apple‘s history was built around selling personal computers in volume since the debut of the Apple II in 1977. In both name and perception, Apple was a computer company, “Apple Computer“. But now their latest computer has adopted almost everything from the iPod including from its color, shape, and proportions. The iPod only debuted a few years ago in 2001. But it’s been so successful that Apple is now designing their computers to look like it.

We’re pretty excited for the new iMac G5. What about you? Here’s the press release: Apple Unveils the New iMac