Bye-bye dial-up Internet! According to a new survey by Nielsen NetRatings, a majority of U.S. Internet users now have broadband at home. The survey of 50,000 households shows that Internet-connected American households are upgrading to broadband speeds at a rapid pace. As of July 2004, 51% of all home Internet users have broadband. Last year, broadband users were only 38%.

Why the sudden jump away from dial-up to broadband? Here are 4 reasons…

01) Deals

Savvy Internet providers are luring dial-up customers with discounts and special deals.

02) Content Experiences

More and more web publishers are creating content experiences that require higher speeds. Web surfers are getting more frustrated with sites that they can’t properly view using dial-up.

03) Downloads

As music and video content moves away from CDs, and DVD and more towards digital downloads, users don’t want to miss out.

04) Demographics

Younger generations want faster Internet speeds. As they enter the workforce, they prioritize broadband. They see it as a required home utility like electricity or water. 59% of people between 18-20 want broadband.

What does all of this mean? It’s probably only a matter of time before someone creates a video sharing site for home movies and an easy way to purchase digital Hollywood movies and popular music. America’s days of being stuck with dial-up are coming to an end. We wonder what the future holds for companies like AOL.

What about you? Do you have broadband Internet yet at home?

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