Microsoft Warns of Critical JPEG Flaw  

Microsoft Warns of Critical JPEG Flaw   1

“A security flaw in the way many Microsoft applications process JPEG images could allow an attacker to gain control over a computer running the software, Microsoft warned this week.”

The MethodShop Spin: Good God, when does it end? This is the reason Macintosh users swear by there beloved machines and accompanying killer-OS. Its seems like every week I read one (at least) flaw or bug that posses major or minor security issues with the Windows OS! Enough people…why is the world so stupid? Why do people make things harder than they need to be ..huh???

Now I ask you, is it because Windows is “cheap”, “everywhere”, or just plain “CRAP”? I think its because of the later and if it is the price and availability of the OS in our society, you would think people would wake up and smell the s*%t that Windows is and realize there going broke on Gates’ brain farts.