Is gadget convergence going too far?

Is gadget convergence going too far? 1

“Electronics have found their way into the daily lives of millions of people, many of whom can’t imagine life without their beloved gadgets.

Manufacturers now offer devices with any combination of cell phone, camera, movie player, PDA and MP3 player functionality. But with these sophisticated devices come complexity, confusion and a demand for power that regular batteries can’t keep up with. Early adopters are eager to buy the latest streamlined devices.

But many others are now ditching their ultra-converged gadgets and relying on separate devices with simpler functionality. Are gadgets getting too complicated for the average user? “

[Via CNet]

The MethodShop Spin: While converged devices are great, I feel it is true that the majority of these toys we claim we cannot live without are over-the-top. Pda’s for example have become an all encompassed platform. We check email, text message, answer calls, plan calendar events, and listen to mp3’s on these doohickeys. However, the best and closest to a real power saver for something requiring enough juice to run all these things and more is the iPod. Even still, I find it almost not enough to run my iPod and other similar gadgets all day long without nearly depleting all of the batteries juice.

Not just power issues arise when the discussion of converged devices is on the table. The other main issue is its ease of use. Interfaces and gadget software have become increasingly difficult for the average user when try to coordinate daily functions/tasks with these devices and require a learning curve many are not willing to take! It is the ease of use and separation that is ultimately pulling the crowd away from the sole purpose these gadgets were originally designed for. People want simplicity, and the technology is supposed to simplify our lives and everyday chores (both work & personal). Separating the confusion of the application of these technologies has brought back a sense of categorization to the user to apply to his/her lifestyle and needs.