Record your local airwaves

Record your local airwaves 1

“Its TiVo for your radio!”[Via]

The MethodShop Spin: If you have ever wanted to capture that hot new track from your favorite artist that you just heard on your local am/fm station while driving home, there has become a way. All you need is Griffin Technology‘s new radio Shark. You simply connect the unit to your pc/mac and begin transmitting fm/am signals to your local stations. Blue lights on the sharks’ “fin” indicate power and red indicates recording. Also, play with live casts of your radio programs with the ability to stop and pause radio streams via Radio Shark’s easy interface.

The Radio Shark also integrates beautifully with iTunes and the recording features automatically converts your show or song of recording choice to AIFF or AAC formats. You can even schedule these recordings just like you would with your favorite tv show with a TiVo.