U2 pitches for Apple

U2 pitches for Apple 1

“It was a beautiful day for Apple Computer on Tuesday, as the company kicked off a new advertising campaign featuring rock superstars U2.”

The company began airing a television ad featuring the Irish rock quartet during Major League Baseball playoff games and other programs. U2’s new single, “Vertigo,” is available for download exclusively through Apple’s iTunes service.

The ad is something of a switch for the Irish quartet, one of a handful of prominent rock acts who refuse on principle to allow their music to be used in commercials.

[Via C|Net]

The MethodShop Spin: What happens when you put one of the greatest Rock bands ever and the coolest computer manufacturer together – absolute “coolness” and a pop-culture staple! Fusion of the two has created an overwhelming breakthrough of how people perceive the iconic art of their favorite music and the Apple brand. The silhouettes and primary colors say it all folks!