Panic Software Retires Their Audion Application

Panic Software Retires Their Audion Application 1Do you remember Audion? Way back in 1999 and before the days of iTunes, Audion was (I dare say) the best Macintosh MP3 player/encoder on the market. Napster and Audion were the Mac MP3 power-houses of their day. Ahh, the late-nineties. Back when the record companies were ready to crap their pants because of digital music.

But it’s a different world now. Everyone from MusicMatch to walmart" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Wal-Mart sell digital music legally and iTunes is the savior of the music industry. So where does that leave Audion? How can Panic compete with iTunes… a free program pre-installed on every Mac and packaged as a companion to the iPod? Basically, they can’t. So Panic has decided to pull out the digital adult diapers and retire Audion.

So please pause your iPod for a moment and join us in a brief moment of silence for Audion.

Thanks, Panic!