Google plans desktop search tool for Apple PCs

Google plans desktop search tool for Apple PCs 1

“Google plans to release a version of its desktop search tool for computers that run Apple Computer’s Mac operating system, Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said Friday.”

Schmidt did not set a timetable for a Mac version of Google Desktop, saying it had to be rebuilt from the ground up because of the fundamental differences between the Mac OS and Windows.

“We intend to do it,” Schmidt said at a University of California-Los Angeles conference commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Internet.

Google released the desktop tool earlier this month, staking out early ground in a battle for personal-information retrieval that is expected to eventually include players like Microsoft and even Apple.

[Via CNet]

The MethodShop Spin: I’m actually surprised by this news release, with Apple including a similar feature already built in its to-be-released and upcoming OS. I will be interested to see the usage stats of Google users and those that use Apples included feature to the Mac OS.