Love goes Hi-Tech

Love goes Hi-Tech 1“Technologies, from e-mail, to net chatrooms, instant messaging and mobiles, have proved to be a big pull with those looking for love.”

[Via BBC News]

The end to the “blind-date”

Technologies, specifically videophones with the 3G specs, are revolutionizing dating services as we may or may not know them. Mobile service providers and the manufacturers behind the phones, are realizing a huge potential for video based content and services, especially relating to dating services that currently flourish online.

However, what this means is that both the phone providers and services need to somehow securely assure users and the general public that only those old enough can access adult services such as a dating venture. The last thing you or any parent wants is their child accidentally calling a videophone of an unsuspected user of a dating match-up. Now, this technology comes as only another means to connect people who usually feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking to people they just met (particularly in a date scenario). If someone is not comfortable with how there night and acquaintance is going, he or she can simply end their chat instantly. While at the same end of things, the other person on the line knows whom they are actually having a discussion/meeting with. Traditional online meet-ups pose the question of whether or not that person they’re talking to is really who they say they are.