The iPod taking effect

The iPod taking effect 1

“People are dumping there PC’s for a better machine!” [Via CNet]

…and the survey sez?

Financial analysis firm Piper Jaffray has concluded that users are switching to Macs from PCs and reflecting Apples success with higher numbers. Appartently the success of the iPod is the inspiration for this new wave of switchers.

These numbers, though small, reflect that people are realizing the quality and good product design of other Apple products like the iMac. Once exposed to Apple products and services like the iTunes Music Store and the iPod, consumers are now looking at other Apple products.

Pricing will remain the biggest factor as it always has with people debating to switch from the PC platform. Macs have, and will probably will always remain higher in up front costs compared to Windows and Linux boxes. However, consumers, such as these polled in the Piper Jaffray survey, are realizing the initial up-front costs of a Mac are well worth it, and that PC’s are continuing to cost greater dollars in the long run with constant viruses, spyware and other daily headaches plaguing the average PC user.

More and more, little-by-little people are looking at Apple and there products much like BMW and other similar companies are perceived. That is, they contain only a portion of the overall market, but their products are known for style and quality above others more prominent in the business. That quality and style is what consumers have to consider in the purchasing decisions.