better than a new calculator

better than a new calculator 1

“For Samantha Greene’s parents, there was no getting around it: She had to have an iPod this year. Everybody at school was getting one.”

[Via CNet]

The 20-gigabyte iPod required by the school sells for $299 at stores but was made available to students for $269 through Brearley with Apple’s education discount.

Though the discounts not to much to get excited about, what is exciting is the fact that schools at a lower level (grades 7-12) and not just Universities, are incorporating the iPod for foreign language courses.

With the majority of students already owning an iPod, these students can use and learn many different languages via the iPod. Presentations and learning through recording with accessories like the iTrip, enable students to hear their errors and ultimately improve upon their progress.

Apple claims that Brearley’s mandatory-iPod program is the first it has heard of in the US for secondary-school children.

However, undeniably agree that it is a great alternative to keep students engaged and interested in the classes and curriculum. Parents are ultimately hoping that this is not just another expensive hardware component for there child’s education much like the graphing calculator bought for his/her big sister years ago when they were in grade school.