How The iPod Is Helping Drive Illegal MP3 Downloads

iPod + iTunes

Thanks to Apple and the iPod, the music industry will never be the same. Apple’s innovative approach to digital music has driven a strange and exciting year for digital music as it has converted consumers to digital music with the iPod while helping drive illegal MP3 music downloads.

MP3s Go Mainstream

MP3 has grown from from a once obscure file format to an ever-raging compression standard swapped by millions of music fans everyday throughout the Internet. The format supported by digital players like Apple’s iPod, and other personal music players, remains a progressive stronghold only in the file-sharing realm though. The digital music revolution is fore grounded in proprietary technology such as WMA, AAC etc.

The iPod Is Helping Drive Illegal MP3 Downloads

However, despite pay music services and legal file-sharing, the digital music industry can’t meet the overwhelming consumer demand for music. iPod owner want music and can’t find enough of a legal selection online to satisfy demand. As a result, music fans are turning to illegal MP3 download sites in record numbers.

Hopefully the music industry gets their act together soon and makes it easier to buy music than steal it.

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