iPod Mini Clone

“Introducing the ABOSS i-Pocket, a completely transparent attempt to create a facsimile of Apple’s iPod mini portable music player. Throwing in the 3G iPod’s four buttons above the scroll-wheel design and coming in the exact same five colors as the Apple iPod mini, ABOSS is practically demanding a lawsuit from Cupertino.

The device’s mimicry stops at its screen, which is a color OLED and also accepts SD/MMC/Memory Stick cards into its built-in card slot. The ABOSS i-Pocket supports USB2.0 and claims to support eight languages.

The ABOSS i-Pocket’s “scroll wheel” isn’t really a wheel at all, seems it’s just meant to look like one. It doesn’t turn at all and instead consists of four buttons that control volume (up and down) and track skipping (back and forward).

Not since eMachines threw the original iMac into a blender and spat out the eOne, has such a blatant attempt at copying an Apple product come to fruition. The result of that bold attempt was a prompt lawsuit from Apple and eMachines having to discontinue production of the eOne after they lost in court.” [Via MacDailyNews]

Another iPod clone… why?

Does ABOSS really think people are dumb enough to buy this thing? You’d think that electronics makers have learned already that Apple has a fleet of lawyers ready to pounce on rip-off products like this. Hey ABOSS, have fun in court you dumb asses.