iPod tops Christmas wish lists

iPod tops Christmas wish lists 1“Retailers and analysts are predicting that MP3 players will be among the most coveted items this holiday season.

The iPod is likely to be the MP3 player of choice for the majority. According to a survey by market analysis firm TNS, 25% of children aged 8 to 14 want an iPod for Christmas. Just 9% of parents are prepared to fork out for one however.

The FT reports that some analysts forecast that consumers will snap up as many as 4m iPods this holiday season. “That would be a staggering haul considering that it took Apple about three years to sell its first 5.7m iPods”, writes reporter Scott Morrison.” [Via MacWorld UK]

All I want for Christmas is an iPod?

Just imagine. 8 year-olds running around with iPods? What would they put on them? Barney MP3s?