Napster creator touts legal file sharing

Napster creator touts legal file sharing 1

“Peer-to-peer Snowcap uses new swap technology.”

[Via MSNBC News]

Five years later, now heading San Francisco-based Snocap Inc., Fanning is touting a new technology designed to help the music companies who once sued him into submission cash in on file-sharing between computer users, also known as peer-to-peer.

Shawn Fanning is once again thinking ahead the slow and old corporate brains. Now, the once known “Napster – creator” is attempting to profit from his knowledge of Peer-To-Peer systems and the issue facing so many music labels and the RIAA.

This new technology manufactured and marketed by Snocap Inc. would allow the labels to monitor downloads on P2P apps like Limewire, and Morpheus. The applications would contain swapping of music files foot printed with Snocaps technology, which reads access writes and permissions of the song files according to data relevant to the file on Snocaps database. If a track or album has not been registered with the Snocap techno, then labels would be able to track this occurrence and quickly take action to assure un-authorized distribution of the content was no longer happening.