oPod Review

oPod Review 1As careful as we may try to be with our iPods, it doesn’t always happen. Outdoor activities especially can be dangerous for your iPod… that is unless you have an oPod.

If you’ve ever had an iPod mishap, then you know they can set you back hundreds of dollars on repairs or even force you to buy a new one. In fact I just had to mail my wife’s iPod to iPodMods for repair because of a steam pipe leak in her office building. So if everyday events can be hazardous for your iPod, what about vacation activities? Can you imagine bringing your iPod boating, hunting, or mountain biking? The iPod has become part of our lives and needs to go where we go without hesitation. I can remember how I used to bring my old Walkman Sport to the beach all the time, but I never had the guts to do the same with my iPod. My iPod was only used during my daily commute, to and from work…. until I got an oPod.