Amplifying the iPod

Are you enamored by the iPod’s elegant design and utility, yet put off by its mediocre sound? Does your music require the volume being set at 70% or greater just to get FULL sound?

Introducing the first external amplifier designed specifically for the iPod.

Simpl Acoustic’s A1 is a powered amplifier that removes distortion from high impedence headphones. Essentially you can listen to your iPod music at a lower volume setting, which is externally boosted by the A1. This ultimately saves iPod battery life and makes those omnipresent white earbuds sound better!

The A1 backpacks onto the iPod and connects to the iPod via its headphone jack. Headphones are plugged into the A1, which contains only an operating LED and power button. Volume is controlled by the iPod and the manufacturers liberally advise the user to turn DOWN the volume all the way before turning ON the A1. It can literally blow out an ear drum if not properly used!