iPod Shuffle Sells Out in Minutes

iPod Shuffle Sells Out in Minutes 1Apparently both the East and West coasts were seeing white this weekend in the United States. While the East coast was buried under 2 feet of snow, the West coast was desperately after Apple’s new iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini. Hundreds of customers were waiting outside the downtown San Francisco Apple Store. But many early bird shoppers left disappointed as the new iPods sold out within minutes.

“Lecy Brito said she had been waiting since 7:00 a.m. for the San Francisco Apple Store to open, hoping to buy an iPod Shuffle. “I enjoy music and the smaller thing is right for my kind of work,” she said, “and it’s easy to hang it from my neck.”

Brito was representative of most of those in line, who were waiting to buy an iPod Shuffle. Of the people MacCentral queried, almost all were hoping to purchase Apple’s newest MP3 player. However, those waiting solely for an iPod Shuffle were turned away empty-handed, as the store was completely sold out.” [Via MacWorld.com]

Residents in the United States who prefer not to wait in line can purchase the iPod Shuffle or the Mac Mini from Amazon.com.