TiVo announces TiVoToGo service

“TiVo today announced that its new TiVoToGo service enhancement is now available. TiVoToGo allows subscribers to transfer TV shows and movies from their TiVo box to their desktop or laptop computer. TiVo customers will also be able to burn programs to DVD in the near future. TiVoToGo requires TiVo Desktop 2.0, which is currently only available Windows XP and 2000 operating systems. However, TiVo officials said a Mac OS X version is planned. TiVoToGo is available at no extra charge as part of the TiVo service. Standalone TiVo Series2 boxes will automatically receive a software update with TiVoToGo support this week.” [Via MacMinute]

No Mac support again? Assholes.