Two Ways to Get an iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is pretty tempting – even if you already own an iPod. But before you break down and buy a new iPod Shuffle, consider mhusson’s low tech method.

“The marketing guys over at Apple seem to be really pumping up the “never know whats gonna play next” randomness of the new iPod Shuffle… I thought I’d put up my guide on how to give any regular iPod the cool new feature of the iPod Shuffle.”

Two Ways to Get an iPod Shuffle 11. Get a Post-It note

2. Get your iPod

3. Put the Post-It note on the iPod

However, if you are still itching to get a new iPod Shuffle, buy one from and not Apple. Amazon is offering cash back discounts on all electronics $150 and higher and free shipping!

It makes buying a second iPod a little easier. Or the iPod Shuffle Dock is free once you factor in the discount..