David Hasselhoff’s "The Magic Collection" CD Review

Does anyone who works at Amazon.com ever read the user reviews? I posted this tongue-in-cheek review of a David Hasselhoff CD on October 16, 2002. I expected it to be deleted immediately but almost 3 years later not only is the review still online, but so far 2 people have rated my review as helpful. Thank you guys, I’m honored… and scared.

The review is titled:
David Hasselhoff is musical magic personified….

David Hasselhoff's "The Magic Collection" CD Review 1“David Hasselhoff is musical magic personified. This album just proves that he can do much more than just act. It’s hard to believe that so many people in America have overlooked Hasselhoff’s musical talents. Probably the most exciting track on this album is the Night Rocker [Extended Blaster-Mix]. The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it. I probably played it 20 times over and over again. I just close my eyes and dream of being behind the wheels of KITT from the TV show Knight Rider. I can smell burning rubber with the wind blowing in my 80’s feathered chest hair while gently touching the turbo boost. Hasselhoff really knows how to capture the emotions of love and excitement in song. I’m still excited!” [Amazon.com]