In iPod America, Legions in Tune –

In iPod America, Legions in Tune - 1“This is all part of the shift from mass media to personalized media,” says Paul Saffo, research director of the Institute for the Future, a tech think tank in Palo Alto, California. “With the iPod, the Buddha is in the details. The finish and feel are such that you want to caress it.With its high-tech decor and clubby feel, Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) flagship store in San Francisco doesn’t look like a creepy cult headquarters. But there’s some kind of mind-noodling going on: Everyone exiting its glass doors is ready to spout the gospel of iPod.

“I love the sound quality and how many songs I can carry around,” says real estate agent Paige Baron, 25, running her fingers over a pink iPod mini. “My friends all have one, and I just felt it was time to catch up.”

She has just joined the iPod nation. Apple may have introduced its innovative digital music player in 2001, but of the 10 million iPods sold to date, 8.2 million of the US$249 to $399 gadgets were purchased in 2004. Nearly 5 million were bought over the holiday season alone. With its new $99 iPod shuffle, Apple expects the streets to soon sprout even more iPod people.”[Via]

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