Pepsi and iTunes Team Up Again For Pepsi iTunes Free Song Giveaway

Pepsi iTunes Music
Music background image via geralt

Apple has done it again folks! For the next few months, the one and only maker of our favorite music service (iTunes Store) and personal player (iPod), has brought back its free song download promotion with Pepsi. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Pepsi iTunes free song giveaway.

New Pepsi iTunes Free Song Giveaway

Not long ago, Pepsi partnered with Apple to give out millions of free downloads. Pepsi customers had a 1 in 3 chance getting an iTunes free song under each bottle cap. But this time, Apple and Pepsi have added a bonus for eligible contestants. That is, they have added a special Pepsi branded silver cased iPod mini for the drawing.

Pepsi iTunes Contest Rules

All contest rules can be read on Apple’s site. But rest assured, it’s easy to win something and not go home empty handed! HINT: Look under the cap. If you win a song credit, you will be registered for the special Pepsi iPod Mini giveaway if the credit is used before the promotion ends. I say, get on board and suck up all the tunes you can as you chug those Mountain Dews away while at work finishing those client comps that need to be done by yesterday 😉