The things Apple isnt proud to boast

The things Apple isnt proud to boast 1

“Apple and its compatriots have been highly innovative. These companies have proven that even if their ideas are well implemented, they cannot always promote them correctly. Other times, a good idea is implemented poorly, and despite their best marketing effort, the product fails.” [Via OS Views]

Apple’s cool, but history has some stories…

From OpenDoc to Pippin, Apple has, contrary to popular belief, produced some unsuccessful products in its time. Though many aren’t well know by the masses, there is good reason. Others failed simply because they were poorly marketed and promoted. Some products such as Word for the Mac even had its fallout. Would you believe customers so angry that demand was placed for older versions until manufacturing fixed Words issues? It’s true, and it’s evident that like every company, Apple and its Macintosh machines have been through ups and downs undoubtedly.