Apple Highlights from ’05 GS Tech Investment Symposium

Apple Highlights from '05 GS Tech Investment Symposium 1Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer provided interesting answers to questions about the direction of the iPod at last week’s Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium. Apple’s CFO was a featured presenter representing the company among 140 other leading tech companies in the U.S. Oppenheimer noted the following:

Apple is co-developing an “iTunes mobile music player” with Motorola to combine a mobile phone with an MP3 player. This will ostensibly compete with the new Sony-Ericsson phones that do the same.
Do not expect a video iPod anytime soon. Apple thinks such devices have “failed in the marketplace” due to their small screen dimensions and bulky size.
The iPod is a part and parcel strategy to win back eroded desktop computer market share, often referred to as the “halo effect.”
-It’s no secret why Apple created the Mac Mini (despite many clamoring for an ‘icheap), 75% of all desktop computers retailed for under $800.
Apple is midly receptive to the idea of a media center PC because their research shows consumers would prefer a powerful desktop in the office beaming content wirelessly to other outlets in the home.