Why Your iPod Could Get You Mugged

Why Your iPod Could Get You Mugged 1At least let me back up my files first!

OK… so you’re sitting there on the train listening to tunes, minding your own business..when some dickhead comes at you trying to steal your iPod. Sounds crazy right!?!? Well, it happens all the time now, especially in NYC. A recent article on the Mac Observer talks about how students, especially kids with the signature white earbuds trailing from their ears, have had to fend-off felons lately.

“A South Brooklyn transit officer reported a near doubling of student iPod robbers on subways in recent months, The New York Post reported Tuesday. One week ago, a high school student required 44 stitches after being stabbed for his iPod on a Q train.”

Needless to say, we here at Methodshop find this extremely troubling. Can’t we all just get along… come on people! Stabbing someone for an iPod? For those of you with iPods be careful. And those of you in the market for one, PLEASE don’t buy one from “some guy” with an iPod for sale. Now, more than ever, it could be stolen.

iPod Safety Tip: It’s crazy, we know, but sometimes it might just be better to listen to your iPod with those crappy old headphones so a would-be robber gets the wrong idea.