The contents of U.S. President George W. Bush‘s iPod were recently leaked by a White House aide. Many people speculate that someone’s musical tastes provide an insight to their personality. So what’s the verdict on W based on the Presidential iPod playlists?

The President Likes To Jam

Originally given to him as a birthday gift from his twin daughters last July, George W. Bush and his iPod have become inseparable. He reportedly won’t exercise without it. It’s not clear if the iPod makes a good “spotter” during weightlifting or not.

The playlists on the Presidential iPod include mostly country music. However several rock tunes make an appearance including Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and the Knack. The New York Times reports the iPod contains only about 250 songs, but it has a capacity for 10,000+.

Everyone In The White House Has An iPod

Apparently Bush’s iPod isn’t alone in the White House. Vice President Dick Cheney was spotted on the set of NBC’s news program Meet the Press with a blue iPod Mini. While the music on the President’s iPod has been made public, the Vice President has managed to keep the contents of his iPod a closely guarded secret.

What’s On Dick Cheney’s iPod?

What's On Dick Cheney's iPod?

It kind of makes you curious. What would Dick Cheney listen to on his iPod? A blogger named Ryan Boudinot speculates that the following playlists might be on Cheney’s iPod:

  • Classified Light
  • Classified Driving Music
  • Ashcroft, Seals and Croft
  • Rock and Roll, Probably
  • Pre-Homosexual Elton John
  • Now That’s What I Call Music! (Vols. 1-10)
  • Republican Party Music
  • None of Your F**king Business
  • Classified Smooth Jazz

iPods In The White House

So the next time you hear that President Bush is doing something imperative for the safety of the world, picture him and Dick Cheney singing “My Sharona” or hosting an iPod DJ Party.

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