2GB + 4GB iPod Shuffle

2GB + 4GB iPod Shuffle 1
“Apple is releasing a 2GB iPod Shuffle this June, and a 4GB version by August. A big upgrade from the maxed out 512MB and 1GB models currently available.” [Via mobilemag.com]

Bigger is Better

With the Apple WWDC only a week away, rumors are leaking through crater sized sieves, and it has been learned that Apple will be quadrupling the size of its iPod Shuffleminted methodshop this month…

What this means is that the iPod Miniminted methodshop will now face some tough competition capacity wise…however, the lack of an LCD screen keeps both products with their advantages…the Shuffleminted methodshop for its low price and small size, and the iPod Miniminted methodshop with its LCD screen…

Personally, I’d like to see a Shuffle LoJack device being that I bought and lost mine within 2 weeks…and was never able to find it…I can just picture somebody now running on the beach listening to Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats and just laughing as they grip MY iPod Shuffle…Enjoy it!