How to Hack Tiger’s Dashboard

How to Hack Tiger's Dashboard 1
“If you are using Safari on Tiger, thanks to the magic of widget autoinstall, combined with the meta tag, [widgets can be] installed automatically in your dashboard. ” [Via]

WARNING: Link Below will install a widget onto your computer exposing the vulnerability of Tiger!! DO SO ONLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DELETE WIDGETS THROUGH LIBRARY FOLDER.

If you copy and paste:

(WARNING: Those running 10.4 may NOT want to do this – the actual widget is harmless but will nonetheless install a Dashboard widget onto your computer – read the website instructions for removing it)

through your web browser, you will see the flaw of Apple’s Dashboard, new in Tiger 10.4…The program has the ability to install programs, erase hard drives, a whole bunch of stuff we don’t like, right through Safari…It bypasses the need for a user name and gets right to the goods…

If you’re using SAFARI, the widget will install automatically, and if you’re using Explorer, Firefox, or something else, it will save it to your desktop to which you would have to place it in the right folder from there.

Apple is working on a patch for safari, but for users wishing to install Tiger, it is recommended that you manually uncheck the SAFARI checkbox when doing a customized install and wait for Apple to fix it…then just download it free from their site…