iPod Battery Backup via AA Batteries

iPod Battery Backup via AA Batteries 1Ever run out of iPod battery without a power source in sight? TuneJuice is perfect for extending the playtime of your iPod for those times when you just got to have more than what your iPod battery can give you.

TuneJuice works with any dockable iPod or iPod mini. If your iPod has some charge, the TuneJuice will provide up to 8 hours of additional play; a completely drained iPod will get up to 4 hours. Pop a standard 9-Volt battery into the TuneJuice and keep rocking.It’s the perfect carry-on for airplanes, road trips and ski trips. Anytime you need some serious play time and don’t have access to charge your ‘Pod, TuneJuice is a lifesaver.

For $20, you’ll know that wherever you go, you have backup. The product will give you 8 hours of battery life as long as your iPod has a little juice and 4 hours if your ipod is completely dead. All you need is any dockable iPod and an AA battery.