Sirius Podcasting

Sirius Podcasting 1“Sirius Satellite Radio is latching onto the podcasting phenomenon, launching a show later this month that will feature a daily selection of the increasingly popular do-it-yourself audio programs.” [Via]


The news of the podcasting move sent Siriusminted methodshop stocks up 5% and more over, gives credibility to a media that is up and coming, in podcasting. With Howard Stern on his way over to Siriusminted methodshop, and with the litany of shows and genres that Siriusminted methodshop already has, the options are unlimited with the inclusion of podcasting.

Think: Downloading interviews from Howard Stern or downloading the NBA playoffs radio announcer calls or getting the Motley Crue song of the week (ok – well, maybe we can do without that one). Throw it on your iPod Shuffleminted methodshop and you’re all set.