The Great Magellan GPS Adventure

The Great Magellan GPS Adventure 1

The GEOCACHE hunt is on!!

Magellan, in partnership with Thales’ Navigation business has created the 3rd annual GPS Geocache hunt throughout the United States. They have hidden over 30 Geocaches all throughout the United States in 30 different cities (and 5 in Germany).

The idea is that you follow an interactive ficitional story about a father and his son tracing their family routes throughout the United States. They come upon scenic places and memorable faces. It’s YOUR job to find these places and if you do, and you’re the first to get there, a 1st place prize awaits…Prizes range from Trips to GPS packages.

Beginning on Monday, May 23rd, and lasting until the contest ends, it’s all in promotion of their new GPS units, the Magellan eXplorist™ 400minted methodshop, eXplorist™ 500minted methodshop and eXplorist™ 600minted methodshop.

Want to get started? Follow the Geocaching Tutorial.