China Plans Comet Hunting Probe That’s More Clever Than NASA

Look out NASA! Fresh off the heels of NASA’s successful attempt to fly a space probe called Deep Impact into the Tempel 1 comet, China is announcing some major new goals for their space program.

China announced yesterday in a press release that they are planning their own version of NASA’s Deep Impact probe, and one that’s “more clever” than the Americans. As opposed to NASA‘s “impacting” method, China would use a “more clever” method called “pasting”, Chinese astronomer, Zhao Haibin, explained. Once the Chinese craft makes contact with the comet, it would push it off course, presumably with thrusters.

In addition to  a “more clever” comet hunting space probe, the China National Space Administration, also plans to to build a new space station and send a manned mission to the moon.

Could this be the beginning of another Space Race? China was the 3rd nation to launch a man into space but its space program hasnt made much progress lately. Perhaps a new  competitor will help stir-up some new space program innovation from the Americans and Russians.
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