Enter The Mametrix?

Enter The Mametrix? 1What should you do with an old computer, an arcade cabinet and your dad? Why not build a MAMETRIX?

MAME (Multiple Arcase Machine Emulator) is a popular hobby for many nostoglic gamers. MAME software allows people to play old arcade games on their computer. All you have to do is download a ROM file of your favorite arcade game and open it with MAME. You’ll be playing classic arcade games like Double Dragon, N.A.R.C., Rampage and Outrun in no time.

Playing these old games on your computer is nice, but what should you do if you miss the feel of a classic arcade cabinet? You could buy a broken cabinet off Craigslist, get a flatscreen TV, add some Ultimarc arcade controls, shove an old computer under the hood and get your dad to help. Well. that’s what one guy did.