PortalPlayer’s Financial Statements Hint at Future iPod


According to an article posted at AppleInsider, there are some juicy tidbits in the latest financial filings of PortalPlayer, maker of the chip that Apple uses in the iPod.

PortalPlayer expects revenue to increase from flash-based memory chips, which is interesting because the iPod shuffle uses flash memory from SigmaTel. Does this mean that an additional iPod model will start to use flash memory?

PortalPlayer also stated that they’ve invested in “innovative” wireless technology that they expect will help fuel growth in 2006 and beyond. Nothing like a wireless iPod to put that USB vs. Firewire debate to rest.

The article then cites a research note released today by American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu, “Based on Wu’s checks throughout the industry as well as recent comments made by PortalPlayer of a late production ramp in September, the analyst believes new iPods including color iPod minis, higher capacity flash-based iPods, and a video capable iPod will not ship until the October time frame.”

It just makes sense that Apple would be gearing up for the holiday shopping season to take advantage of the shopping mania, the question is what new goodies will we see from them? I think that the electronics industry as a whole will move towards utilizing flash memory as capacities increase and prices drop. This just makes sense, especially in a portable device like the iPod. A color iPod Mini model seems like a great idea, and I think it would certainly appeal to the mini owner demographic. Video iPod? Whatever… you know how I feel about that.

BTW, I’d take a WiFi iPod over a Video iPod any day.

Via David @ iPoditude.com
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