USB Mini Desk Aquarium

USB Mini Desk Aquarium 1Let’s face it, the traditional “office toy” needed an upgrade. Gone are the days of stress toys and metal balls on strings. The new rage is to add USB to anything. Just pick the first thing that pops into your head and add USB to it… Oops too late, it probably already exists.

What office would be complete without a USB fish tank? The USB Mini Desktop Aquarium is the home to two life-like tropical fish. A small motor generates a current in the water, allowing the fish to gently swim about the tank. The aquarium is equipped with a high-intensity blue LED that illuminates the tank in dark environment. Both motor and LED can be independently switched off.

The LED and the water-current motor can be powered by USB connection or batteries. The package comes complete with the tank, two fish, and USB cable. Operation is simple! Just add water to the tank, connect the cable to your computer, and enjoy the aquarium.

  • Can also be powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) for non USB operation
  • Both the motor and the light can be switched on and off independently
  • Each fish has a hinged tail for a more life-like appearance
  • Includes: tank, two fishies, & a USB cable
  • Unit Dimensions – 3.75″ (w) x 3.5″ (h) x 2.5″ (d)

What makes this gadget stand out is the little details. The tails of the fish constantly move, making them look alive. The blue light of the tank is soothing and adds to the realism. Even better, the aquarium doesn’t have to be cleaned and the fish don’t have to be fed. Plus it lists for under $15. Not a bad upgrade for your boring desk.

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