Video iPods & iTunes Music Phones

Video iPods & iTunes Music Phones 1More Video iPod rumor/news!? Yep, here we go again…

Apple has sent invitations to press organizations for a “Special Event” on Wednesday, September 7 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The invitation reads: “1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything,” alluding to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. “Here we go again.”

As usual, the invitation and vague details on the announcement have birthed an onslaught of rumors throughout the internet.

Speculation that Apple might release a “Video iPod” has become a “boy who cried wolf” scenario. Every 3 or 4 months someone with “inside information” posts something on a blog or forum that gets everyone all amped up again. However, this time we might actually have a real news organization to back these rumors up. In an article posted on yesterday, one of their reporters claims that “Record company executives have said recently that Apple has been seeking licenses to distribute a wide variety of music videos through the iTunes music store, and that the computer company has told them of plans to unveil an iPod that plays video.”

Adding to the rumor excitement, in addition to announcing a Video iPod, Apple may also announce an iTunes cell phone. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Cingular Wireless plan to market an iTunes phone in time for the holiday season.

Video iPods or iTunes Music Phones? No matter what Apple announces at the September 7th “Special Event”, it’s clear that they have our attention.