Apple Announces New iMac

Apple Announces New iMac 1“What if you could command an entire world of music, photos, movies and DVDs — all from your sofa? Now you can share the good life with friends and family on a 17- or 20-inch new iMac G5 featuring Front Row software and Apple Remote.” Source:

Built in iSight and Wireless Remote Highlight new Features

Apple Announces New iMac 22 big announcements came from Apple today. One of them, the long awaited and anticipated Video iPod, and the second, the new iMac with new remote control. In a world of computer based DVD watchers and iTunes listeners, the remote was the obvious next step.

But, ‘one more thing…’ The iMac now comes with a built in iSight camera…in an attempt to make it the ultimate home computer.

Forget lame old television. Get yourself a new Video iPod or equip your iMac with EyeTVminted methodshop, and you’ll have a full featured audio, film and television experience.