Apple Plans Media Exchange Network

Apple Plans Media Exchange Network 1On Oct 7th, Apple filed a trademark for a new technology called Vingle (Video Single). One of the functions of Vingle is the “transmission or reception of audio, video or multimedia content.”

So why would a computer company want to become a digital broadcaster? Based on the details of the trademark filing, Vingle is probably going to be some form of portable home entertainment system and computer rolled into one. Maybe a Video iPod/Phone/Palm Pilot. Imagine being able to buy episodes of Desperate HousewivesApple Plans Media Exchange Network 2 on-demand from your wireless Video iPod phone.

The exact extent or scope of Apple’s Vingle project is unknown. The trademark filing lists a lot of vague technology such as “…magnetic data carriers; mobile digital electronic devices; telephones; computer gaming machines; monitors, displays, keyboards, cables, modems, printers, videophones, wearable devices for time travel, disk drives; cameras…”

ABC was a prominent part of Apple’s Video iPod and iTunes 6.0 announcement last week and will probably be a part of the Vingle project as well. The two flagship products of iTunes 6.0 were the hit ABC shows Desperate Housewives and Lost

So where were the other big networks, especially 4th place NBC. Maybe it’s time for the broadcast networks to see Apple more like a cable company, not as a computer maker.