Charge Icon During iPod Update

Dear Dr. iPod,

Charge Icon During iPod Update 1I updated the iTunes and iPod software as I was prompted to do so lately. Since I was done with that, there is a picture on the screen that shows the action of charging the unit as though I am being prompted to connect my iPod to the electrical socket. I had tried to rest my iPod by clicking simultaneously on the ‘select’ and ‘menu’ button for 10 seconds. I get the Apple icon appearing but then it disappears and when I try to touch any other control, I get that previous icon again prompting me to connect the unit to electricity. What does this mean?? How do I fix that?. ~igal1

You need to give your iPod a little juice so it can complete the update. Plug your iPod into an electrical outlet, or to your computer (while it is on) to let the iPod update run its natural course. An electrical outlet is preferred.

You can also purchase one of these plugs for charging your iPod while traveling or away from your computer

For more information, please read this page: iPod Icon 101

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