iPod Shuffle DecoDock

DecoDock, the first stylish dock designed to complement and enhance the iPod shuffle.

Futuristic looking iPod Shuffle Dock!

iPod Shuffle DecoDock 1iPod Shuffle DecoDock 2iPod Shuffle DecoDock 3A pretty innovative looking design for an iPod Shuffle dock. The “Art-Techo” movement, which it is styled after, is funky enough for some people but depending on how cluttered your desk is, may be somewhat ultra futuristic for some people’s desks.

The DecoDock’s top reminds me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitutude, which I think if I ever do decide to get this, I’ll pretend I can call upon my dead ancestors for advice. Or maybe I’ll pretend I’m somehow putting together a model of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center and then, after all that I’ll listen to some Men Without Hats.