Scratch Free Nano

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Ever since the iPod Nanominted methodshop came out, it’s been plagued by user complaints of both scratched and broken screens. Apple’s quick move to announce a replacement plan for defective iPod Nanominted methodshop digital players helps those under AppleCare with a broken screen, but what about those of us with a scratched screen, not covered by AppleCare?

The answer: Brasso

According to Todd Dailey’s blog, just a tiny dosage of Brasso applied with a cotton pad on your iPod Nanominted methodshop should do the trick. Take the Brasso as a quick fix, and get yourself an iPod Nano case, suggests Todd. The Brasso should serve as a reminder of what your iPod can look like, and should not be applied multiple times because it does in effect wipe a small layer off your iPod everytime. It can be used on both the screen and the body…