Were you outraged by Ashlee Simpson’s lip-synch fiasco on SNL? You are not alone. There’s currently an online petition asking Geffen Records and JT Simpson Entertainment to put an end to this faux crooner. The petition currently has about a half million signatures. Is yours on it yet? If you want, you can sign the Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition.

The Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition

To: Geffen/DGC Records & JT Simpson Entertainment

We, the undersigned, are disgusted with Ashlee Simpson’s horrible singing and hereby ask her to stop. Stop recording, touring, modeling and performing. We do not wish to see her again.

She cannot match the sound of her voice that can be found on her CDs, when she sings live. She simply yells the words (sometimes the wrong ones) into the mic.

We are so sickened by her “performing” that we are taking this opportunity to demand that she stop.

The Undersigned