Unions Call for Video iPod Talks

Unions Call for Video iPod Talks 1Unions reps for writers, actors, and directors have called for talks over the sale of TV shows for Apple’s new Video iPod. The unions want to make sure their members get a piece of the revenue generated by the sale of video content from Apple’s iTunes.

In a rare show of solidarity, the following 5 unions, The Writers Guild of America (West), the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, the Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America (East) issued a joint statement. Here are some highlights:

“We look forward to a dialogue that ensures that our members are properly compensated.”

“As the representatives for the creative community, we embrace new technologies that expand distribution of material featuring the work of our members.”

“The Apple Video iPod represents the latest chapter in the ongoing technological evolution of our industry.”

Clearly the unions thought a more unified approach would benefit their members as opposed to the massive disagreements they all had over royalties from DVD sales.

The unions already have agreements that cover the re-use of their work on the internet or in “pay-per-view” models, such as VOD (video on demand). A conflict could arise if studios decide to treat video downloads the same as they do a DVD sale, which might result in lower payments.